To a Friend

          Ye wise and splendid birthday girl, today

           A milestone we do see for you indeed.

           Mind sound, a frisky body, joyous ray

           Of happiness ye show as ye do lead

           O’r groups in books to read or words to write.

           A leader born ye are, my blessed friend.

           A joy to all, someone of bliss–ye light

           The way for younger souls, be friend or kin.

           Ye are a beacon bright, a kindred soul.

           Your ways do call to me to emulate.

           A woman wise with spirit warm, n’er cold.

           ‘Tis hard to say how high I do ye rate.

                A day of joy we wish for you, my dear.

                Friends do surround ye with deep love sincere.


In Plea to God

May, Lord, I not succumb to doubts and fears

But find You always in my need.  If trial

Bring dashed hope with months of pain, if tears

Unbidden flow, with force—make, Lord, as mild

My cross as You will choose, with knowledge that

You only have.  I ask not softness, Lord,

For such would weaken gifts You gave which at

Your feet someday I shall return.  That cord

Which binds our hearts as one is written in

The promise of Your Son.  Recall He said,

“The Kingdom is within.”  Unless I wring

You out my heart by deeds ungodly led,

Stay by me, Lord, possess my all, enthrall

My ev’ry wish.  Then can I feel You call.

4/4/1973; revised 2007


#79 (“O’r day together will be grand. . .”)


O’r day together will be grand, my Sweet’.

A celebration of o’r time in bliss.

Before the preacher, day so hot, we meet

But soon o’r vows were said, and we did kiss.

Ye do oft ask, if marry me again

Ye must so do in garden so, so hot.

To this I say, alway’, just “Nay,” with grin—

A milder day to wed will be o’r lot

In future life when find each one again.

I love thee fast indeed, my Sweet’, my dear.

I want o’r God to be so certain, send

Ye straight to me, in future.  Take not the rear.

I want to spend another life with ye.

I want o’r bliss today again, ye see.



#78 (“Ye are so good to me, my Sweet’. . .”)


                        Ye are so good to me, my Sweet’, my Love.

                        ’Tis blessing greatest of my life for sure.

                        I do return ye love alway’, my Dove.

                        O’r love doth best be known alway’ a cure. . .

                        A cure for all that ails us e’er indeed.

                        A cure that joy doth give with happiness

                        Assured.  I need thee greatly—I, weak reed.

                        I love your traits in time I’ve seen so oft’.

                        Ye traits of kindness, mind so keen, so smart.

                        Ye are a paragon, so hat I doff.

                        Ye are so solid, like a massive rock.

                                    Thanks be the day we wed, my Sweet’, my Dear.

                                    O’r bond, o’er years, is firm indeed, is sear.’





Answers in God’s World


“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”  ― Rainer Maria Rilke

The words say, “Love the questions!”—all day long.

Yea!  Then we find the Answers true.  Do stay

The course, for puzzles in o’r life have dawn

For sure.  The breaking day doth shine a ray.

A ray of hope and peace, solution found.

We need not fear to stay in dark, all blind

Nor fear to find ourselves turned round and round.

O’r God is better One than that—He’s kind!

A kind and loving Father, sweet and dear.

He wills to show us Answers true, in time.

Be patient as we walk the earth, a mere

Footstep small, balance keen, to follow sign.

O’r questions do become a test.  In time

We find the Answers true—from o’r God’s Mind.


#77 (“My Paul, my Dear, I love thee well indeed. . .”)

My Paul, my Dear, I love thee well indeed.

Ye know this well indeed also, my Sweet’.

Let’s make o’r life a-blossom, things to lead

Us into happiness so full and deep.

I n’er do tire of telling you my love.

I find great joy in telling of my love.

Ye be a pleasure alway’, sure, my Dove.

I find o’r time so like to Heaven above.

Let’s keep o’r love so fresh and sweet, and kind,

That we alway’ have blessing in its wake.

I say to ye in verse, this verse, of rhyme.

For permanence in life with ye, love’s sake.

          I love thee good and full and pure.

         For love like this, my Sweet’, there be no cure!



#76 (“My Sweet, I do so long for happy days. . .”

My Sweet, I do so long for happy days

For us. Peace be to us this Christmastide!

I love you long and true; I hold your gaze

To say, “I love you true. With you, abide.”

I wish a better wife I were for you.

I take misstep and feel the guilt alway’.

I long so for nothing regret nor rue.

Say “I do love you!” This all to say.

My world is right when good between us be.

For nothing more do wish I this, this day.

My joy complete, peace abound. I need, you see.

When all is good the sun does shed its ray.

          Peace I do wish for us in time ahead.

          My chief this wish for you and me: this said.