To Mary Ann on Her 99th Birthday

A Sonnet in 17th Century Manner

           ‘Tis moment now to celebrate thy day!

           Fast bountiful and sweet thy spirit shines

           With light all bright and fine, so like sun’s ray

           That cheer of thine reflects some treasure mines.

           Thy soul doth sure give full bright joy to kith

           And kin; soul’s hearty laugh e’en make God smile!

           Light heart spark fun to all in sight (no myth).

           Thy day not spent in gloom, ill humor, rile;

          Example sure ye are to us—ye know?

           No kith like thee hath cross’ me path a’fore;

           I bless the day we met: I mean this so!

           List’:  Thy deserv’ed fame in time be lore.

                A’gin make joy, as did ye when we met.

                Role model, yea! Inside me heart ye’re kept.


God Rescues

When ego bann’d from mind that thought it, Love

Steps in to take its place—Love’s rightful place.

Then peace doth reign supreme—the bird, this dove

Of peace.  No more might fear become encas’d

In mind, for heart all fill’d with Love doth reign.

Yea, blest art we, now saved by God from pain!

He rescues mind—and renders it back sane;

We walk straight path to God in open lane.

When we sure’ listen to o’r God, He quick’

Moves Heaven, Earth to overturn all fear.

What we must do:  Hold fast to Him, give kick

That makes the ego fall away to rear.

            God shows the way when we mere’ ask His help,

            For by His bosom we art surely kept.


God’s Exile & Return

When something goes awry in day so fair,

’Tis best to seek out God.  But what if He

Seems far away?  Would still He be aware?

Why doth today I see Him hide from me?

I need to look at problem sure, for what

It doth contain.  Is ego there perhap’?

If ego there for sure I’m out of luck!

I wonder if my God, my knuckles rap.

No, I do say!  He makes no punish’ sure.

Sole thing He does when ego rules is leave

The mind that exiled Him—yet still be lure.

If God be distant, ask o’rselves how cleave?

            We know o’r heart to Him is bound, no lack.

            When love in heart is felt again, God’s back!


#87 (“I wish for us that years ahead be long. . .”

I wish for us that years ahead be long;

Already have we known a goodly span.       

To pray for more and more cannot be wrong,

For we do feel o’r joy all ways we can.

We bring the joy to each, each day alive.

So happy I do feel, in arms of thine.

I feel as if elixir hath arrive’!

And now this day I say my love in rhyme.

I know ye feel the same, for we oft’ tell

O’r love, the better love to feel in truth.

Stupendous love assure’ that all be well.

Yea, now this word be true and good—foresooth!

            If this be error and upon me prov’d.

            I never writ, nor no one ever lov’d.


In Praise of God

A day to bless Ye sure!  I do say thanks

To You, my God, my All in All!  When You

Cocoon me firm, Ye give me all thine lights.

If You do hold me close, touch Ye I do.

’Tis hymn of praise I make to You today.

You save me from myself—for I, weak reed!

The light You give doth send from sun a ray.

My sole request:  Do offer Hand to lead.

I miss thy Love when I do walk away.

Do keep me wrap’ in Arms of Yours alway’.

I know Ye love me, say for sure I  may.

When all is lit by You, I praise the day!

            I sense this truth to say:  I  dare not live

            Without thy Love.  I leak just like a sieve!



If stress n’er rear’ its head in life of mine,

I would live years of joy–of halcyon days!

Yet hear that some of stress is good.  To pine

For peace alway’ may show a fault to raise.

“’Tis possible to live good life with good

Stress!” one doth hear.  I am not sure this thought

Be true.  I say my God’s peace gives best mood

I wish in life.  Then with all joy I’m caught!

We do need energy, industrious

Spirit refin’d to manage well in life.

We are evolving entities.  We must

Grow strong in lives we choose with Love all rife.

            “But stress begone from me!,” I beg my God!

            Harmony take its place.  Do spare stress-rod!


The Force

When I do turn to You, oh God, I sense

Your presence well. This be the secret good

In life—a balm for pain.  I do not mince

My voice in this:  You save each  day I’ve rued.

You are the Force that binds the universe

As One.  When I do follow Tao You set’,

I live in great repose.  Nothing doth curse

Me in this world when I do move to let

God’s Love inform my mind, my heart, my soul.

Yea, Love the glue that holds ev’thing in place.

When I do know this all in all, I roll

With punch’:  Of elixir I get a taste!

            Learn how to live we must; Love is the way.

            God in o’r heart will show us how, I say.

February 1, 2022

To Help

A day all ’round for good I ask this morn’!

’Tis possible to slant the mind this way;

’Tis possible for heart n’er be forlorn.

Heart keeps us on right path, right slant, I say.

If mind look down in spirit poor, cannot

O’r brother help:  We be all wound so tight’!

Ask God to touch by grace, improve o’r lot.

Then seek to help we do, for walk in light.

God asks for hands and feet, a help in time

Of need.  O’r brother thanks us for this help—

A blessing are we in his life in fine.

When grace arrives from God we see this depth.

            Reach out today beyond the self for sure.

            Then we act thus for God as brother’s lure.

February 1, 2022

Our Mission

We do so oft’ long tell You of o’r love.

When we do feel all close, we break in smile!

Like lovebirds we are wont to be.  A Dove

Of peace You are to us—a comfort, peace, no rile.

If I depress in daily round, I need

But turn to Thee.  Straightway my countenance

Is raise’, my heart doth swell.  Within me, seed

Hath sprung to life.  My shoot though small n’er canst

Be stop’ from blossoming in bud.  I find

A beauteous rose inside within time short.

Yea, You are Love, my God; we be in kind

For You do welcome us to join Your court.

            Ye court so grand needs but the rose’ we have.

            There show us plain how live for Thee:  Be salve!

January 31, 2022

A New Beginning

A good today I hope to find, in paths

Of clover green.  Impossible to feel

A feeling “down,” despite ev’r-present masks.

We search for ways to live all well, not reel

In time pandemic reins, and in we stay.

‘Tis best to acquiesce, not fight the fact

Of time so difficult.  We will find ray

Of hope when turn to God; we find no lack.

He makes the waters smooth, the clouds so calm.

No more will I be cast down, slender reed.

No more my happiness cast down or rob’.

            Ye show me how to live, my God so dear.

            At base I am all Yours—lift’d high, not mere.

January 31, 2022