#84 (“I do so feel my love for ye. . .”)

I do so feel my love for ye, my Sweet’.

                        No word can say how much I love ye true.

                        I praise the day so long ago when meet

                        We did at door of mine, blind date n’er rue.

                        O’r time together has flown swift’ with ease.

                        Yea, thirty-five years past we did say vow.

                        Since then we have seen great deal: Sailed the sea,

                        Careers had, liv’d four place’ in peace, allow’d

                        O’er bond grow e’ermore firm with joy sustain’d.

                        In next the life we live, I want ye find,

                        To live again as One:  this goal, my main

                        Desire today.  I say—this be love’s sign!

                                    Thanks due to God for love so good and true.

                                    With ye in life of mine, I n’er be blue.


Secret Unveiled

                        Thank You, my God, for giving me the gift

                        Today of knowing, coming to the gist

                        Of puzzle long obscure for me.  To sift

                        The chaff and find the grain of truth, not list’

                        To words untrue, no matter meant so well.

                        My future seems most bright when Ye doth speak.

                        I have the truth today, my God.  I sail

                        Ahead with anchor firm, though heart be meek.

                        This gift of knowledge comes from You, comes years

                        From past kept secret by intent all good.

                        But now I know, and mem’ry heals and sears

                        My Self with joy today that buoys all mood.

                                    For years a secret hath o’rshadow’d life.

                                    Now truth doth win, confusion no more rife.


Peace Brings Love

                        How do God’s children discover more to love?

                        If love we do, o’r fears, anxieties

                        Will crumble all around.  We be like dove,

                        A dove of peace, a harbinger one sees.

                        If peace we feel, then fears, anxieties

                        No more can rear their ugly heads so cruel.

                        Yea, we have found the secrets true—the keys

                        To triumph o’r our errors:  Love will rule.

                        Relax, my friend, and let God’s peace surround

                        Us in this world.  Let His Love mark o’r days.

                        No more, in peace, will mind, perturbed, be down.

                        In spirit true and good we see Great Rays.

                                    We see God’s Rays when love with all o’r might.

                                    We see God’s Rays when mind, heart merge aright!


#83 (“Thank you so much. . .”)

                        Thank you so much for presents, Love, my Sweet’.

                        This Christmas is one to remember well.

                        But best of all is time with you, to meet

                        Each morning fresh and personal’ty meld.

                        Ye make my day worth living, Dear, just you.

                        That’s all I really want from Santa Claus.

                        Time spent with you is time n’er lose nor rue.

                        I hug ye fast and long, a time to pause.

                        My presents have made this day a delight,

                        On top of time to spend with you in peace.

                        I nev’r do let thee out of range or sight

                        I do just ask, alway’, for hug or kiss.

                                    O’r blessings great this Christmastide, my Dear.

                                    I do ask little more, just you, just mere.


New Book Published on A Course of Love by This Blogger

To my viewers on this blog:  Over six years in the making, this book has been carefully written and revised many times.   It focuses on A Course of Love, but also includes A Course in Miracles.  Thank you for considering reading.  Love, Celia

Available from Amazon.  Read free with Kindle Unlimited membership; or $5.99 to buy e-book; or $8.95 for paperback.  Previously unpublished material.  265 pages.

DESCRIPTION from the Amazon web site:

Being Who You Are: Pondering A Course of Love

by Celia Hales

Being Who You Are offers contemplative reflections on A Course of Love that are meant for readers of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love as well as newcomers to the material.

A Course of Love answers questions that spiritual seekers may still have despite earnest study of A Course in Miracles. Being Who You Are highlights these answers in words carefully chosen for clarity and understanding.

Being Who You Are presents A Course of Love as a heartfelt continuation of the coursework provided in the more mind-focused A Course in Miracles. Chapters concentrate on the following themes: love; fear; holy vs. special relationships; the nature of true reality; mind, heart, and wholeheartedness; unity and relationship; Christ-consciousness/Awakening; separation from God healed; Jesus and Mary; and the elevated Self of form. Tender human interest stories round out the ten comprehensive chapters.

This book, by the long-time blogger at “Miracles Each Day,” has been designed with care to introduce A Course of Love into the spiritual mainstream.

INTRODUCTION from Being Who You Are

A Course in Love answers questions that earnest seekers still have despite careful study of A Course in MiraclesA Course of Love (ACOL) is thus a stated “continuation” (A.4) of the earlier work, though ACOL can be read independently. Most dedicated students of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) recognize that our egos have been weakened by our carrying out the dictates of what we have read.  But with what do we replace the ego?  There is a void, and this is a dangerous condition in which to live.  We intuitively know this, and so we keep seeking.  “Is there no end to seeking?” we ask, somewhat plaintively.  There is an end to seeking, and A Course of Love takes us to that end.  As an aid to understanding this new end, Being Who You Are reflects upon ten themes from A Course of Love, drawing on the whole of ACOL, and also comparing aspects of A Course in Miracles.

With weakened egos after studying A Course in Miracles, but with nothing to replace the ego, in the words of A Course of Love we have “rejected” ourselves.  We think that to claim our rightful place of identity with the Christ within lacks humility.  A Course of Love says that such an attitude is actually borne of fear: We are afraid we will not please God if we take on a more exalted notion of ourselves. 

You prefer selflessness to self because this is your chosen way to abolish ego and to please God.”  (ACOL, P.20)

But now we approach final learning, and we learn what “pleasing” God is all about—

We take a step away from the intellect, the pride of the ego, and approach final learning through the realm of the heart.  This is why, to end confusion, we call this course A Course of Love. (ACOL, P.44)

There is a single significant difference between A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.  A Course in Miracles, through the Holy Spirit, brings comfort to the mind.  A Course of Love brings comfort to a troubled heart.  This comfort to the heart is by identity with the Christ within.  It is not a comfort for pride but solace brought to us by Jesus himself.  He embraces us with love.

The thesis of A Course of Love can perhaps be summed up in the following sequence of ideas:  We abandon all attempts to glorify the separated self, the self who does not know God but thinks it is lost to Him because of our sin.  When we wholeheartedly abandon any attempt to glorify this self, we are launched on the way to Christ-consciousness, a transformation that will let us know that our previous faults were mistakes only, not sins, and thus entirely correctable and forgivable.  We merge ACIM and ACOL, in that we merge mind and heart, and we recognize that we are actually in union with God, never separated from Him.  He lives through us.

Note these words from the conclusion of A Course of Love:

“You will realize that you know what to do. . . . Expect heaven on earth, you were told.  This is what it is.  There will be no doubt, no indecision.  Your path will be so clear to you it will be as if it is the only path in the world and you will wonder why you didn’t see it all along.  Expect this.  And it will be. (E5-6)

May this pondering speak loudly and powerfully to your heart and mind–“wholeheartedly.”  Let us claim the heritage that is ours, no longer fearful that we are acting out of ego.  Jesus asks us to leave our fears behind and claim our power with new identity.  Then the more widespread Awakening of our world surely will begin.


The framework of A Course of Love, in that it is a “course,” is the same as A Course in Miracles; the channeling author, Jesus, the same.  The first receiver (scribe) of A Course of Love is Mari Perron, and she received for three years around the year 2000.

In these contemplative reflections on A Course of Love, let us see how we are to come to the end of seeking.

Ending Point

                        My project is complet’ just now.  Six year’

                        In all hath been my focus strong and deep.

                        ‘Tis not a span of time so long, a mere

                        Half dozen suns.  Now see I what might reap.

                        I feel release’ for culmination true.

                        With drafts galore I call for end to be.

                        I hope result doth find God’s praise, not rue.

                        Import’ to know I wrote for Him, ye see.

                        I speak with peace this long awaited day.

                        My heart be humble true—but hope I sing!

                        If work be good, my God, to Ye I say

                        My thanks for aid divine—to YE praise ring!

                                    Thanks be for task now done.  Ye kept me firm.

                                    To write e’re more I now fast leap and run!


#82 (“I love thee pure’. . .”)


                        I love thee pure’, my Sweet’, my joy, my peace.

                        I praise the day we met so long ago.

                        When day begins with hug—embrace—a kiss,

                        Then all is well in world of mine, just so!

                        Let’s make a day of celebration grand,

                        For you and I do mark your day of birth.

                        You are a husband great, so fine a man.

                        All is so bless’ for us, though times now rough.

                        O’r life as one hath been enhanced just now,

                        As wait we do, pandemic end in sight.

                        O’r time alone a joy.  To you I bow

                        In thanks for loving me with all thy might.

                                    Joy, peace, love—these are what we have in fine.

                                    I speak the truth to you, sweet love of mine!




I saw a miracle today for sure.

Why did my Maker bless me thus right now?

Perhaps He offered it to me as lure.

Perhaps he wanted happy face, not dour.

I have a cousin very ill, but now

I see that God hath all in hand today.

I need not find depression sour, nor cow’

This time, already sad, for see sunray.

Yea, possible for healing sure to come.

‘Tis not for me to say what comes this day.

But miracle doth point, a thing to learn.

I pray for blessing keen—then come what may.

A miracle today!  But am I sure

That I do ask in will of God—n’er rue?



#81 (“A hug dost mean so much to me. . .”)


                        A hug dost mean so much to me, my Sweet’,

                        Cements in bond by giving love its due.

                        When oft we seek a moment fine, we meet

                        In embrace firm with kiss so hear, n’er rue.

                        Much peace ye arms do give to me indeed.

                        ‘Tis best of day for me, my Sweet’, my Dear.

                        I turn to you for ye do take the lead.

                        “Not so!” ye say.  I reach to bite your ear.

                        O’r love is equal—yea, it is—in year’

                        In past and years ahead for us in twain.

                        O’er love is strong and deep for us, not mere

                        A love for casual times, but love all sane.

                                    A saner love I n’er have seen in time.

                                    I pledge my love for ye in truest rhyme.



Love’s Bait


When turn to You I do, my God. . . my life

Smooths out and happy I, with peace indeed.

If Ye I do neglect, my life is rife

With problems keen, with me as slender reed.

I need Ye greatly, Ye do see, my Love.

‘Tis not myself to save—no, n’er, n’er sure!

Ye are the Balm from clouds, yea, from above.

Ye are the One all time I need, the Lure.

Like fish doth come to line from pole extend’,

Ye draw me forth, from out myself, to bait.

This be the way Ye save me, Ye do mend.

Do so this day, my Love, just now, not late!

I need Ye now.  Ye have the bait I need.

‘Tis lure I need to grow in me from seed.