#62 (“We met, yea, thirty-one sweet years ago. . .”)


                        We met, yea, thirty-one sweet years ago:

                        A day to love it is for us again.

                        ‘Tis hard to think that time goes by and so

                        We celebrate again, my dear, no sin.

                        I love thee much, so good and true and sweet.

                        We are indeed so bless’d, my husband, mate.

                        Kiss me now once again, please Sweet’, and keep

                        The memory of kiss for my lone sake.

                        I ask for kisses oft’, my dear, a kiss

                        For reasons good and bad, but always dear.

                        Your hugs are good, my dear, as well, good lest

                        We take for granted each one’s place with leer.                                           

                                    I long for kisses, hugs, my Sweet—the best

                                    We offer each today, in joy we rest.



#61 (“I wish thee well, my Sweet’. . .”)


                        I wish thee well, my Sweet’, my love, my all.

                        We do have many blessings great in life.

                        Let nothing mar this brightest day, no pall

                        Upon the day, this day of life a slice.

                        I love thee greatly, true I do indeed.

                        Long have we been together one in truth.

                        Let nothing hurt our sacred bond, slim reed.

                        I want for us the best, all good–forsooth!

                        When stress doth mar our sacred days amiss,

                        May joy instead soon make its entrance fast.

                        I throw thee hugs immense and also kiss.

                        Lest stress our foot upon a rock doth dash.

                                    I love thee pure and good and sweet.

                                    I hope all years ahead in peace we meet.


#60 (“O’r age a state of mind. . .”)

                        O’r age a state of mind alone, it is.

                        As long as young we feel, so young we are.

                        Today I do present thee with a kiss.

                        Together we have gone so very far.

                        I love thee so, my dear, my Sweet’ delight

                        In truth I speak to thee just now, today.

                        Together we do seek to do the right.

                        (My aim has reach’d thee–yes, this I do say.)

                        Be glad to celebrate, my dear, my spouse.

                        O’r motto says it true:  Grow old with me;

                        The best to be.  We go the way, the bounce

                        Of ball ev’ry day. So flexible we be.

                                    To you I do salute today, alway’

                                    I love thee full and strong, this day I say.


#59 (“My Sweetheart, true and bless’d, feel joy today!”)

                        My Sweetheart, true and bless’d, feel joy today!

                        We celebrate a day of joy indeed.

                        Today in time of past, we stood in ray

                        Of sun, hot, melt’ as happy preacher read.

                        Do feel you thus the hand of God come down?

                        O’r preach’ doth seem to have that Hand so large.

                        O’r wedding had a violin of sound.

                        We said o’r vows sincere, no way to dodge.

                        I love thee true, my dear, my husband sweet.

                        For me, ye are the best of all in world.

                        I do mean this, my husband–yes–to keep!

                        My best is when I, close to you, am curl’d.

                                    I wish us good the day today all long.

                                    And morrow will be yet another dawn!



#58 (“If e’er I needed proof thy love. . .”)

                        If e’er I needed proof thy love, now do

                        I have in full.  My thanks I give to you.

                        My Sweet’, ye have been great; I am not blue.

                        I love thee alway’  true; I nev’ do rue.

                        Thanks be from me to you.  I cannot say

                        Enough.  God sent ye me on that good day.

                        Ye are the sunshine life for me–a ray

                        Of happiness supreme!  No more I say.

                        I love thee pure and long—yea, years of twen’-

                        And eight we have been true to each alway’.

                        I n’ev ceased loving you.  This be no sin.

                        Ye are the best of life for me all day.

                                    I thank o’r Heav’ for sending you to me.

                                    I do thee love eternity ye see.


#57 (“We must be sure to stay as one alway'”)

                       We must be sure to stay as one alway’.

                        No good to think. . .must be within o’r heart.

                        What joy we know as now we spend all day

                        In home alone, in place of peace n’er part.

                        I love thee sure and true–long time this true.

                        Do ye love me also, my Sweet’, my rock?

                        Ye keep me calm, serene.  I love, n’er rue.

                        Yea, rock ye be to me; my heart ye lock.

                        So day together we so see in peace.

                        Alway’ the peace and calm doth soothe my soul.

                        Please, Sweet’, today to give my lip a kiss,

                        And heart of each wilt n’er be hard nor cold.

                                    I love thee true for’er the more in truth.

                                    If ye love me, we be the best–foresooth!



#56 (“My Sweet’, I do love ye so deep and true. . .”)


                        My Sweet’, I do love ye so deep and true.

                        For twenty-five years, Sweet’, we have this day

                        Together been.  Not sad I be–nor blue.

                        Ye are my sunshine clear, my Sweet’, my ray.

                        Thank ye for love so strong.  It gives me peace.

                        Without this peace, bereft I be, and sad.

                        Now this the day we mark–blessings release.

                        I do feel good alway’ with you–n’er bad.

                        Our night out looms with joy and peace and love.

                        Excitement I do feel:  pleasure ahead.

                        Ye are the greatest joy I know, my dove.

                        I be with you long years ahead, ’til dead–

                                    And even beyond the veil of death I see

                                    You will be mine, my joy–forever be.