#4 (“The day was long in flight. . .”)



                        The day was long in flight, but flight my thought

                        Did take as Paul beside me sat and slept.

                        Our karma One for two—a pair—is caught

                        In joy for love has made us one in depth.

                        I do this man so deeply love, respect,

                        His heart an open book to me it seems.

                        We wish for love that builds and builds, no wreck

                        Upon the sands of time, no false eyebeams.

                        With fondest hope I do impart my prayer

                        For future years as one, our love unharmed

                        By fate’s cruel tricks, but on and on we dare

                        To go together through life unalarmed.

                                    The flight in air is o’er, but flight as One

                                    Dost still continue fast ‘til life is done.



Author: elizabethansonnets

I have written both love and divine sonnets in the Elizabethan style for a long time. Now I am gradually adding them to a blog. Most are dedicated to my husband.

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