#20 (“I love o’r joyful time. . .”)


                        I love o’r joyful time for hugging fine.

                        O’r kiss and hug alway’ the best of week!

                        So gentle is my Paul’s sweet arm, I rhyme

                        The joy as quick I can in phrase’ not meek.

                        He gives me feeling rich, all fill’d with peace.

                        Of’t this dost mean I hug in sweet repose.

                        He is a sweetheart kind and good; the gist

                        Is this: I feel he grants me gift of rose!

                        The rose is emblem fine of center’d rich life—

                        For long have I a sense of ecstasy

                        When rose I see or think, like song of fife;

                        It seem’ all heights of joy and love to me.

                                    My sweetheart great is Paul, my husband sweet–

                                    To tell him so in rhyme seem’ to be meek.



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