#24 (“Today I feel so wondrous’ mellow. . .”)


                        Today I feel so wondrous’ mellow, sweet—

                        Ask I the “why,” the sight of Paul I see.

                        ‘Tis true that year’ ago felt love when meet

                        We did one spring, love quick we did–the key!

                        O’r lives the best become as twain makes One.

                        What more need I to ask of joy and bliss?

                        Surely path is best for deed is done.

                        When oft’ in arm’ he takes me fast for kiss,

                        My world doth swell with happiness I see.

                        Paul doth keep me in sweet repose alway’.

                        His love for me unlocked my heart—the key!

                        What more canst I think, Sweet’?  This much I say:

                                    ‘Tis best we two stay One in truth and peace.

                                    As One we blossom, flourish, renew o’r lease!



Author: elizabethansonnets

I have written both love and divine sonnets in the Elizabethan style for a long time. Now I am gradually adding them to a blog. Most are dedicated to my husband.

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