#31 (“A day away is balm for soul. . .”)



                        A day away is balm for soul, I see.

                        My Paul and I did slip away and find

                        O’r fun in nearby Stillwater—the key!

                        ‘Twas day of leisure, peace, and coffee mine

                        In shops about the Croix.  Antiques so fine

                        My Paul doth love to view, though I naysay

                        And rest in peace, then meet we noon to dine.

                        In “Brine,” the café where by window, ray

                        Of sun doth shine upon o’r table small.

                        “Tis best to do the things we both enjoy

                        Then lie in wait to come when Paul makes call.

                        O’r joy doth make a meeting—strong the roar!

                                    I love o’r time as time we make for joy.

                                    O’r love is what doth quickly make the roar!







1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. rmkinder
    Oct 19, 2016 @ 16:48:07

    I like them all, but today I like this one best.



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