#36 (“My Paul, a longer life let’s have alone”)


                        My Paul, a longer life let’s have alone;

                        Just two—the two of us in peace and love.

                        We may go far afield, I’m sure, to roam

                         In Florence dear, but find a place to serve

                        We must, to serve and find o’r joy in peace.

                         If life so long we are to have, a plan

                         To serve must be in place.  “And frolic cease?,”

                        Ye ask of me.  Oh, no, have both we can.

                         A plan to serve, a place to frolic in—

                        These two not contra’ be; the best of life

                        Is work and play—the twain in joy will send!

                        And, yes, for me the twain doth seem so right.

                                  A life alone, yet fill’d with joy and peace;

                                  The gods will smile and smile—in bless’ n’er cease!


Author: elizabethansonnets

I have written both love and divine sonnets in the Elizabethan style for a long time. Now I am gradually adding them to a blog. Most are dedicated to my husband.

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