#55 (“My dear, non-blaming spouse. . .”)


                        My dear, non-blaming spouse–my Sweet’, my love:

                        I do love thee from depth of heart, indeed.

                        I wish to treat thee well alway’, to serve.

                        Do help me, dear, for I am oft’ slim reed.

                        Your help dost help me fill the day with good.

                        Your skill to listen is a boon from heav’n.

                        My bent to brood is this that I do rue.

                        Help, Sweet’, your wife to be like bread that leav’n.

                        O’r years together do mean much to me.

                        Happy I’ve been in time with you for years.

                        Please live a long, long time, my mate to be.

                        Happy we be and ne’r do shed few tears.

                                    In joy and peace and hope we live us two.

                                    I hope for days all good and true, n’er rue.


Author: elizabethansonnets

I have written both love and divine sonnets in the Elizabethan style for a long time. Now I am gradually adding them to a blog. Most are dedicated to my husband.

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