So much we hear that “Love’s” the Answer true

That numb we be to wisest words e’er said.

What can we do to right this wrong, what do?

We know ‘tis true, if e’er we have most cared.

The world would self-destruct if Love not here.

Creation would fall of weight its own, for sure.

These be not words unthought by me, not mere

Prattling of thought uncouth or thoughts that lure

With good anticipation—but do mean

A bit of glory, truth to tell indeed.

These words of Love are potent, sure, nay dream

They mean the world to us on earth, in seed.

The flower that blossoms from all Love is true.

It keeps us safe in world unsure—n’er rue!



Author: elizabethansonnets

I have written both love and divine sonnets in the Elizabethan style for a long time. Now I am gradually adding them to a blog. Most are dedicated to my husband.

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