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I have been writing sonnets for a long time, emulating my college study of William Shakespeare and John Donne.  In 1999, I started a series of love sonnets to my husband, which he has agreed for me to post.  Later on, I will post divine sonnets, a few of them; and sonnets written to friends, a few of them.  But most of my sonnets are love sonnets, and they are one of my best ways to talk to my husband.

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The painting is of John Dee, astrologist, before Queen Elizabeth I and her court.  It is entitled, “John Dee Performing an Experiment before Elizabeth I,” and was painted by Henry Gillard Glindoni (1852 – 1913).  I selected this image in honor of Elizabethan poetry, which my sonnets emulate.

I welcome your comments, either on the blog or in my email.  Thank you.

–Celia Hales, Ph.D.




13 thoughts on “ABOUT SONNETS LOVE & DIVINE”

  1. Wow. It is a blessing and honor to have you following my site. To be sure, I’ve always known there are other (elizabethan) sonneteers in the world, but have never met one – until now. Of course, if you’ve read any of mine you know I specialize in sonnets based on scripture. (Not pushing my wares, but) I’ve just published my first book of poetry and intend on publishing a daily devotional once a year until… having written a sonnet each day for over a year now with no end in sight.

    I apologize for the essay, but again, it is a joy to meet another sonneteer. After reading some of your work, I wager you must dream in iambic pentameter. You are an excellent poet! I love the last stanza of #11:

    ” If love ye feel do share your love with kin,
    To tell a love is blest a deed, no sin.”

    Your bio mentions divine sonnets. If you are at all interested in sharing knowledge, please feel free to contact me at jaytharding11@gmail.com. Thank you again, good lady!


    1. Jay, thanks so much! What a day brightener!

      I do plan to publish a few divine sonnets (I only have a few). I have those in manuscript, though, not on the computer, and so I will have to get organized and type, and then post.

      I do have a blog of spiritual writings: http://celiaelaine.wordpress.com

      Thank you ever so much for writing to me. You are a published poet! Congratulations!

      Most cordially, Celia

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  2. There is nothing quite like the sonnet, is there? I am thoroughly enjoying reading your inspired words! A heartfelt “thank you” goes out to your husband for allowing these lines to become a part of sonnet history!


  3. Glad you found me so I found you Celia. Ever since I took a poetry appreciation course in 2007 I’ve loved the sonnet. Your challenge of following the Masters’ styles is extraordinary. My joy comes from the ability to say so much when so constrained. I like to be silly as much as serious too. Looking forward to reading more. And the love poem concept is very poignant. Every year they were together my dad wrote mum a poem on her birthday. She kept perhaps the last twenty years which I have but I wasn’t allowed to see them until after he died.


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