My Fondest Prayer


My dear Lord, One Who gives an Answer true:

I came to You with open arms today.

Straight way ye cured my heart of mood so blue.

I do so thank You—sure!  What more I say?

“Tis best to sit all quiet, in prayer, foresooth!

Ye know what words I’d say when words do fail.

Ye know I follow You, intent like Ruth

Who follow’d Naomi through hill and dale.

Yea, follow You the same.  Cannot ev’n live

Without Your Love.  Impossible to think!

When ye do pour out Love, and to me send

Your blessings, I bow way low, all mild and meek.

I need Ye, God, my fondest prayer recite.

I reach for You, in Love, with all my might.




Of Love I Find

On this, a year begun afresh, anew,

I pray for Love, peace, joy, tranquility.

I do not say nor speculate my due.

‘Tis right of God to measure and to see.

Ye mean us well in Love, my Father God;

This I do know from depth of heart within.

No need, my Lord, to quell my deeds with rod,

For chasteneth was rule in time of sin.

Now do I know that innocence prevails.

My faults I take to You, and find forgiven:

Wind at my back, my boat unfurls its sails.

My course is plotted out for me in Living.

So now Ye wish me well, blessings e’er more.

Of Love I find, I need no more implore.


#68 (“Inspired I hope to feel. . .”)


`                       Inspired I hope to feel in writing fine.

                        But love for ye I do feel, yea, my dear.

                        I hope that love will win out, sweet and kind.

                        Do kiss me, Sweet’, a full-out hug, not mere

                        Peck on the cheek, which I would oft so mind.

                        O’r days together are a rush of joy

                        In which we hug and kiss, give love a sign.

                        Alway’ I do want from you a bit more.

                        Insatiable ye call me, yea, I am.

                        A fine thing ‘tis to feel your hug and kiss.

                        When this ye read, find me, find me around.

                        And grab me for a quick hug—do not miss!

                                    I love ye deeply, yea my joy ye are.

                                    In no way’ let o’r joyful love find mar.


#66 (“To thee, I do make offer strong of love. . .”)


                        To thee, I do make offer strong of love.

                        We do belong to each the other–yes!

                        O’r home is yet a hav’en of peace, a cove.

                        To ye I do give what I can to bless!

                        Be with me strong today, the day of bliss.

                        We are the two, yet one, indeed, my Sweet’.

                        I give thee hugs and kisses, bless’ed kiss!

                        I am so glad for day long past we meet.

                        We meet anew each morn when we awake.

                        It is a happy time for me indeed!

                        I love to think of day ahead, a date.

                        For ev’ry day is date with you to lead.

                                    Be kind to me today, I ask in peace.

                                    May n’er o’r love begin to end or cease!


#65 (“As this I write. . .”)

                        As this I write, I know not plans for us

                        This Christmas Day.  Will Jackson beckon o’r

                        New car to smooth the way in fast-paced rush?

                        Or will we have a joyous time, home lair?

                        Where ere we spend the day, my Sweet’, with you

                        It will be joy to me, indeed, alway’

                        I ne’r regret o’r time alone, nor rue

                        The place we stay, my dear, my Sweet’, I say.

                        I love the rituals we enjoy oft’ times.

                        O’r kiss, o’r hug, o’r game we play with toes.

                        Toes tender mine are much in risk of pain.

                        The line I cross when hug we do in rows—

                        On carpet beige, to tease—this much I deign.

                                    Know, Sweet’, that lov’d ye be in deepest way.

                                    I bless the day first write to me ye did.


#64 (“My Sweet’, I do so long for happy days. . .”)

                        My Sweet’, I do so long for happy days

                        For us.  Peace be to us this Christmastide!

                        I love thee long and true; I hold thy gaze

                        To say, “I love thee true.  With you, abide.”

                        I wish a better wife I be for you.

                        I take misstep and feel the guilt alway’.

                        I long for nothing to regret nor rue.

                        Say “I do love you!”  This all we must say.

                        My world is right when good between us be.

                        For nothing more do wish I this, this day.

                        My joy complete when peace abound, ye see.

                        When all is good the sun doth shed its ray.

                                    Peace I do wish for us in time ahead.

                                    My chief this wish for you and me:  this said.


#63 (“Hard not to celebrate a day. . .”)

                        Hard not to celebrate a day, my Sweet’.

                        Hard just to wish ye well and say no more.

                        But trust your judgment, yea, without a deep

                        Word said about the day ye rue to core.

                        T’is fine to wish ye well, is not, my dear?

                        What risk is this to feeling grand today?

                        I’ll make no giant pronouncement, but a mere

                        “I love you, Sweet’, my dear, today I say.

                        T’is hard for me to say no more indeed.

                        I like to celebrate ye birth, ye day.

                        But I am not a slender, passive reed.

                        I can wish well, I seek enough to say.

                                    Thank ye for celebrating birthday mine.

                                    I like my day, and ye have been so kind.


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