#64 (“My Sweet’, I do so long for happy days. . .”)

                        My Sweet’, I do so long for happy days

                        For us.  Peace be to us this Christmastide!

                        I love thee long and true; I hold thy gaze

                        To say, “I love thee true.  With you, abide.”

                        I wish a better wife I be for you.

                        I take misstep and feel the guilt alway’.

                        I long for nothing to regret nor rue.

                        Say “I do love you!”  This all we must say.

                        My world is right when good between us be.

                        For nothing more do wish I this, this day.

                        My joy complete when peace abound, ye see.

                        When all is good the sun doth shed its ray.

                                    Peace I do wish for us in time ahead.

                                    My chief this wish for you and me:  this said.