#73 (“I love ye so. . .”)

                        I love ye so, my darling husband dear.

                        ‘Tis good to have a chance to tell ye so.

                        O’r celebration at our dinner, mere

                        Moment of joy leaves me to grasp for more.

                        I wish thee happy valentine this day.

                        I follow this with hug and kiss so sweet.

                        Ye are my blessing first in life, a ray

                        Of sunshine ere we come together, meet.

                        I thank my God above for sending ye

                        To me.  Impossible to thank enough.

                        Ye are my balm in life alway’, the key

                        To Love.  I am your diamond in rough.

                                    Thanks I do say to ye for loving me.

                                    ‘Tis best in life so far I ere did see.



#72 (“My Sweet’, today is good. . .”)


                        My Sweet’, today is good, a birthday sweet.

                        Ye celebrate a milestone—yea, ye do!

                        Months have gone by and birthday now we meet.

                        This day rejoice in blessings grand, n’er rue.

                        We are most bless’d with health and happiness.

                        O’r cup is filled, my darling Paul, my spouse.

                        When of’t I hug thee tight, I hug and kiss.

                        O’r oxytocin spikes, with it we’re doused.

                        A happy birthday I do wish for thee.

                        Tons more, too, with long years ahead we share.

                        I wish to grow so old with thee, ye see.

                        O’r fate entwined forev’r, for great we care.

                                    Ye milestone day of birth is peaceful, calm.

                                    I wish thee well for long, my love a balm.


#71 (When ye downcast so be. . .”)

                        When ye downcast so be, I take a cue

                        From words my mother said long time ago.

                        “Leave him to be,” she said, “say naught nor do

                        “For quiet he needs, and ye need not a row.”

                        I find my mother doth know thing or two.

                        So wise she is, and words from her I hear.

                        After a bit, ye will emerge and coo

                        Ye love for me, express to me, my dear.

                        I love thee fully, strong and sweet indeed.

                        I celebrate our love on this o’r day.

                        O’r love was just so long ago a seed.

                        Now in full bloom, we pledge o’r love, we say:

                                    I love thee with a lover’s pledge of faith.

                                    Long years ahead I hope, I pray, I saith.



#70 (“My Sweet, my heart o’rflows with low for you”)


                        My Sweet, my heart o’rflows with love for you.

                        Ye are the birthday man today, indeed.

                        This day holds pleasure, good and true, not rue

                        This day. I give joy, peace—follow my lead!

                        O’r life together is most good and sweet.

                        A bounteous love doth keep us safe and sound.

                        So glad I am that years ago we meet.

                        Ye made my life come out all good around.

                        May day today be fun and pleasure sure.

                        ‘Tis good to celebrate your day of birth.

                        A day of good will serve to be the cure

                        Of any sad thought that might be a curse.

                                    I love thee pure and good, so bless’d am I.

                                    ‘Twas good the day I found thee, yea, I sigh!



#69 (“I love thee great, O Sweetheart. . .”)

                         I love thee great, O Sweetheart mine, my mate!

                        This Valentine’s I seek to make amends.

                        ‘Tis easy, Love, when mate ye be, not date,

                        To fail to speak, to say, my love—‘tis sin.

                        But now I take the time to speak, to say

                        That ye are best of happenings for me.

                        No better choice in life was made nar day

                        Than choice to make ye mine with vows, ye see.

                        I love thee deep and wide and long in heart—

                        Heart that dost burst with unsaid praise of thee.

                        I must say love, before in death I rot.

                        My life so good, your love hath been the key.

                                    Thanks be to thee, my Love, for treasure great.

                                    The peace I feel is due to ye, my mate.


#68 (“Inspired I hope to feel. . .”)


`                       Inspired I hope to feel in writing fine.

                        But love for ye I do feel, yea, my dear.

                        I hope that love will win out, sweet and kind.

                        Do kiss me, Sweet’, a full-out hug, not mere

                        Peck on the cheek, which I would oft so mind.

                        O’r days together are a rush of joy

                        In which we hug and kiss, give love a sign.

                        Alway’ I do want from you a bit more.

                        Insatiable ye call me, yea, I am.

                        A fine thing ‘tis to feel your hug and kiss.

                        When this ye read, find me, find me around.

                        And grab me for a quick hug—do not miss!

                                    I love ye deeply, yea my joy ye are.

                                    In no way’ let o’r joyful love find mar.


#66 (“To thee, I do make offer strong of love. . .”)


                        To thee, I do make offer strong of love.

                        We do belong to each the other–yes!

                        O’r home is yet a hav’en of peace, a cove.

                        To ye I do give what I can to bless!

                        Be with me strong today, the day of bliss.

                        We are the two, yet one, indeed, my Sweet’.

                        I give thee hugs and kisses, bless’ed kiss!

                        I am so glad for day long past we meet.

                        We meet anew each morn when we awake.

                        It is a happy time for me indeed!

                        I love to think of day ahead, a date.

                        For ev’ry day is date with you to lead.

                                    Be kind to me today, I ask in peace.

                                    May n’er o’r love begin to end or cease!


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