So Dear My God


Dilemmas do feel hard to solve ‘till turn

To God I do.  Then ease my way I find

In problems keen; a way to solve I learn.

So hard to calm my spirit, body, mind.

If first I turn to You, so soon, in peace,

My mind will straightway know the Answer sure.

‘Tis easy all the time.  I find new lease

On life, new joy, no more I do so rue.

Thanks be to Ye for way now shown to solve

A problem in my life.  Now things are smooth,

My blessings sure, no time for worry carve.

My life unfolds ahead, I’m on the move.

‘Tis good to know, erase the pain, so clear

I live my life, in You, my Love so dear.



To Give


My God, my Love, I thank for blessings true.

Ingratitude I would not have a part

Of me.  Likewise this day I would not rue.

‘Tis gift of many gifts ye bring in cart.

A cart from Ye doth overflow alway’.

Ye give and give and give from bounty full.

Just ‘tis your way, not count the cost, I say.

To give and give, alway’, is just your rule.

Do ye want me to do the same, I ask?

I know to give brings happiness to me.

‘Tis right to follow way ye show, to cast

My bounty far and wide, as far can see.

If I do give as ye provide for me,

I am so very blessed, and loved, I see.



The First Miracle


The wine had been all drunk that day, she said.

So Mary went to Jesus with fervent plea.

‘Tis not my time for sure, he said, though led

She quick to barrels dry, no wine ye see.

Fill up with water, he did say aloud.

And thus the miracle occurred forthwith.

Upon a taste the wedding guests—a crowd

Of drunken folk cried out surprise:  Ye dideth

Keep best ‘till last of wine served here this day.

Surpris’d we be that this ye did.  All quiet

They be, say naught to none, n’er look, n’er say

The drunken guests so calm they were, no rout.

A miracle we see today at Cana fair.

The first of Jesus, many more, naught rare.





So much we hear that “Love’s” the Answer true

That numb we be to wisest words e’er said.

What can we do to right this wrong, what do?

We know ‘tis true, if e’er we have most cared.

The world would self-destruct if Love not here.

Creation would fall of weight its own, for sure.

These be not words unthought by me, not mere

Prattling of thought uncouth or thoughts that lure

With good anticipation—but do mean

A bit of glory, truth to tell indeed.

These words of Love are potent, sure, nay dream

They mean the world to us on earth, in seed.

The flower that blossoms from all Love is true.

It keeps us safe in world unsure—n’er rue!





My Father God, You would not fret o’er health,

And so, my Dearest, why should I, at all?

You heal me with Your love, Your peace, Your stealth,

So quietly do You move.  You hear my call.

I drop the worries, here and now, I do.

My peace of mind is worth far more, foresooth!

N’er do I find You failing me, n’er rue

Your Name, n’er, n’er give Ye forgetful boot!

I keep You close in heart alway’ with love.

That solves all problems, worries, too, my God.

Your wrap me up with peace alway’, like dove.

To give less love to You is just to rob.

Thanks be to You for calmer mind right now.

You do o’ershadow mood so low and dour.



Transform My Mind


Relief is writ on face of mine today.

Long questioning is o’er.  I know

The Answer sure.  Now just to writ, I say—

To wait and keep a profile, meek and low.

To ask for patient way be prudent, sure.

To ask to wait in peace, a good prayer, too.

Why hat confusion reigned?  Is it a lure

To love my God the more and more, n’er rue?

Yea, God doth take my mind and heal it of’t.

He wants my thought to be all heal’d, all right.

God doth not  want a child of His all soft.

He doth transform my mind with all His might.

God wants my mind all bless’d to be in truth.

Give Him free rein and all is well, foresooth!



Pain O’er


Aft’ struggle long in living life e’erday,

‘Tis sweet to see an Answer straight from God.

Of course impossible to know if ray

Of hope come straight from God, my feet in sod.

But must look heavenly for Answer sure,

For now I do rejoice that pain is o’er!

I praise a bless’d response from Him, n’er rue.

Pain that is gone can open blessed door.

I am so glad answer sure, surcease

Of pain anticipated now.  My heart

Doth sing for this dost give new lease

On life for me.  With joy I sing like lark.

Thanks be for hope aroused today for sure.

This happiness in God is but a lure.


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